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Honour Roll

Year Chieftain Drum Major Lone Piper
2000 David Macintyre Charles Cooke Wayne Saunders
2001 Colin Munro Malcolm Parsons Cameron Mackintosh
2002 Gavin Gidley-Baird Allen Christie Hamish Gidley-Baird
2003 Murdo MacLeod Barry Nicholas Ron Clement
2004 Peter Cameron* Ray Burgess Angus Roberts
2005 Alasdair Sutherland Michael Donachie  
2006 Warwick Murray Charles Cooke  
2007 Ian McCrae Charles Cooke Dennis Browning
2008 The Lord Sempill Charles Cooke Dave Walker
2009 Duncan Macintyre Charles Cooke Michael Murray
2010 Keith Miles Charles Cooke Graham Adams
2011 His Excellency Michael Bryce Charles Cooke Wayne Saunders
2012 Torquil Donald MacLeod of the Lewes Charles Cooke Angus Roberts
2013 John Nicolson of Scorrybreac Charles Cooke Jamie Hunt
2014 Greg MacLennan Charles Cooke  
2015 Roderick John MacLeod of Raasay Ray Burgess Bruce Wheatley
2016 Lachlan Macdonald Ray Burgess Ainsly Hart
2017 J.A.L (Sandy) MacDonald Ray Burgess

* Murdo MacLeod - stand in.